Salida del Sol Fifth Grader Wins Essay Contest

The organization, AZ529, Arizona's Education Savings Plan, held their second annual essay writing contest, open to students across the state of Arizona. This year, students were asked to answer the question: "What is your dream job and how do you plan on achieving it in the future?"

Salida del Sol fifth grader, Jayden Preston, was selected as a winner for his response to the question. 


Jayden's complete essay:

My name is Jayden Preston and my dream job is to become a lawyer. I plan to accomplish that dream by working hard and getting accepted into Harvard Law School. I participate in extracurricular activities, I have straight A’s, and I make sure I have perfect attendance, which will help me accomplish my dream.

I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I can remember. I have been in GAP since third grade. This year I joined student council and 21st century. In 21st century I participate in running club and music. I am the only person in the running club, but that doesn’t discourage me, I wake up and get to school over an hour early to participate. For music I stay after school and I’ve learned to play the recorder. My teacher Mr. Martinez has complimented my leadership and willingness to help others, he even called my parents to let them know.

I plan on achieving my dream by challenging myself. I’m already planing ahead for high school, I have been talking to my teacher about taking AP classes. My teacher agrees that I should take high school classes in middle school. All this should help me accomplish my dream of becoming a lawyer and going to Harvard Law School.

Congratulations Jayden on your accomplishment. We're so proud of you and we know you will accomplish your goals and dreams. As a Kid at Hope, we know you are talented, smart, and capable of success. 

**To learn more about the competition, please read the following news release: LINK