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Kids at Hope

We believe that EVERY CHILD is capable of success! Because of this belief, we discuss with students more than just, "what do you want to be when you grow up?".  Roadrunners explore and envision their future in many ways:
What education do you see for your future after elementary school?
What career paths are of interest to you?
What hobbies do you enjoy that you see yourself still doing when you're older?
What do you enjoy doing for fun?
Where would you like to live in the future?
What sort of family would you like to have?
What community would you like to be a part of?
What do you see your future home-life being like?
In what ways do you hope to contribute to your community in the future?
I am a kid at hope. 
I am talented, smart, and capable of success.
I have dreams for the future, and I will climb to reach those goals and dreams every day.
All kids are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS.
A treasure hunter is any adult who seeks out the treasures that are inside of every child. The Treasure Hunters at Salida del Sol Elementary say this pledge daily:
As an adult and a Treasure Hunter, I am committed to search for all the talents, skills, and intelligence that exist in all children and youth. I believe all children are capable of success, NO EXCEPTIONS.